Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Transform Me

I had this dream... 

Like most my dreams there is color, and temperature and sound. 

In this dream I was flying out of my body.. 
I flew to Germany.. I flew to visit my ex-husbands family. 

During my flight I flew over a group of butterflies/ possibly moths that were marching back and forth on the sidewalk ( kind of like ants do back and forth to their colony). Theses butterflies had pieces of material attached to their wings... like an extension of their wings but the wing was material.. like fabrics.. all sorts of sheers and silks and soft flowy fabric. The fabric was floating straight up as the wings would.. I wondered how that was happening but didnt pay much mind, I did however ask" what are they doing" ( who did I ask? I dunno) But I got an answer.. not in a voice.. just in a knowledge.. that they were mating. I said to myself.. oh. and then proceeded to fly on. I flew into the house of my past marriage, it was modern day and time. As I sat and watched the current family there, (ex's new wife and small children) I noticed that My ex could see me. Although he was forbidden to acknowledge me. I asked out loud, "you can see me cant you?" and he nodded yes. The family continued to function regularly over the course of the meal.. Next came in my ex mother in law. She was accompanied by a friend who brought with her a dress.. a most beautiful dress.. it was made with this beautiful burgundy material that I actually own. I remember looking at it in the dream trying to figure out how it was made so I could recreate it. ( at this point I think I was realizing its a dream about a dress i need to make).  I had to leave cause morning was coming here back in Tx.. So I said good bye to my ex.. reminded him to smile, saying " God has made every day special, try to enjoy it.. smile a little more"... and I left. As I was coming back to my home.. I flew back over the area where the butterflies were.. only now there lay bundles of butterflies and fabric. I asked again " what happened, what are they doing'. The understanding came again not in a voice really just in a knowledge.. " They have died. This is the natural life span.. they emerge.. they fly around doing what they know, then they reproduce and die. They accomplish their purpose." ... I said.. " ok". Then the knowledge said " you may take the fabric now and use it " . So I did. I began to float back home....

When my daughter woke me ... " MOM!" .. I was startled cause I had slept past my wake up time. I asked her if it was time for the bus already.. and she told me no... then I said Im sorry for not waking up earlier.. Then I asked what is it that she wanted.. She said ...

"Mom there is a butterfly in our house!!"

Indeed there was a butterfly flying above my sewing area. 

Transformation..... God I pray your will be done, and you transform me to be less of me and more of you. Thank you for this dream.. thank you for this experience. I pray to learn more of what your plans are for me, and pray for the wisdom and patience to follow them. Amen. 

Thank you for sharing with me on my transformation.
 May God bless you and enlighten you daily on yours.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

do BE do BE do BE

A quick note about what it is to just BE... and not so much do! 

So like most of my blogs this one comes from an email conversation I had with a friend. Whats important here is the context of what was written. I often find that my knowledge and ability to put my faith and My Jesus into words comes when I am speaking to others about them. Below is excerpts from that email...

 God is good all the time... so just have faith and seek him with your whole heart.... then you will find him. Take 15 min out of your day every day to just sit in the silence and meditate on his love, on his majesty.. he is the creator of all things.. he is woven into all things.. if you take just 15 min sit in your car in the lot.. and close your eyes.. and just be in his presence... I guarantee things in your life will become more clear... and Gods plan for you and your family will start to reveal itself.. ...I challenge you to do this. :)

I tried the 15 minutes thing and it works, it was one of the things I learned in our bible group.  But there is one really important question he (God) doesn't seem to answer.  It is almost as if he is either letting me decide on my own or He is telling both options I have are just as good as it is bad... I don't know, I don't really get a real picture. So, as I am finshing this email, I am going to talk to my chaplin.  He and I started talking the other day and he said that perhaps I am not liking what God is telling me and I am refusing to hear it.  So I am going down in the next few minutes to see if he if there is anything I can do to hear what I may not want to.  Funny hu?

Well.. this is what I've learned about "Gods answers"... sometimes we aren't really listening to them, because we just want it broken down to plain YES or NO.  
Sometimes.. its more complicated then that.. 

God answers always this is the truth..... just not in the way we want.. remember HIS ways are not our ways.. but they are always the BEST ways. Amen!

In order to hear God, you have to be in his presence... its like being in another level of consciousness. Then we must stand on his promises to us.. in order to do this... you have to know what they are. When we live in his word.. his promises.... can now take shape and manifest in our hearts and minds.. allowing us to experience that special relationship with GOD. Where in that relationship He does speak very bluntly and obvious to us.
It takes time.. and it takes ... being still and knowing he is God. 

In life I am know I am often too focused on the doing doing doing of life.. doing the right thing for my business, doing this to help that, doing it all so it is done.. doing doing... We need to take time to just BE.. be in this state of mind where we are connecting to everything and everything is connecting to us.. then we realize that , that is a connection with God. Its just BEing still and knowing he is there.. then like that our eternal being is awaken and it then can guide our primal being. Its really amazing! Yet so hard to find the time to do.. er be.. :)

Lastly ... sometimes I have to remind myself that there are going to be times when His answer is just flat out NO.  And I know when he is saying no.. because nothing will fall into place when i take steps in that direction of which he is saying NO to. In my stubbornness I say.. "God hasn't answered me yet, so I'm going forward" .. then nothing works out right.. and I realize ok.. ok.. Im turnin round. The moment I do that.. all things start to fall into a better place then before.
I know when I am on Gods path for me, because of two things..
1: Great blessings  and 2: Great trials.  It sounds nuts.. but its totally true. 

Finally... realize.. that if you keep your eyes, mind and heart focused on having a relationship with him.. this means; putting him before your needs,desires, and other  family members.... he will bless you with an answer and then some! Then all those other things.. family, money, desires.. etc. will fall into place and be better then you ever thought it could be. 
God is a master in making a way where there seems to be no way. 
We just have to learn to reprogram our way of thinking... and be a little patient. 

Try to just BE.... and leave the "Doing" to Him.
 This is called FAITH. 

Thank you for sharing in my journey. May God always bless you along yours. 

PS: Great documentary I saw on Quantum Physics. Seems like science is getting in line with what has always been. Great things happening here... its all about reprogramming. Take time to watch it.. very interesting indisputable stuff here! I call it GOD.. I call it Jesus! Eventually science will proclaim the same in a more pronounced way... yep.. it'll catch on. 

click ---> Quantum Activist