Monday, July 30, 2012

Affliction + Endurance = Promised Victory

Today's evening sermon spoke right to me for many reasons. As the pastor was speaking I felt and thought to myself.. "surely God put those specific words in pastors mouth just for ME" then.. " wow, sorry people that this evening message was just for me." lol. Of course I know that it was not "just" for me.. but God is always so wonderful like that.. Even when I am in a room filled with hundreds of people.. he can speak right to me and make me feel like the only one. Its quite special what God does. 

Affliction and Endurance = Promised Victory

Thank you for reading my blog today.. Its been a while since I have blogged. Tons of things happening in the summer which get me all caught up and leaves little time for all the things I love to do. Like tell you my story. So tonight... I finally said.. YES to making time to blog. Glad to see you are still with me. 

My walk... slowed. By walk you understand I mean my forward motion in my practice of Christ like living. It started slowing at the start of summer... I got caught up in summer activities and the hustle and bustle of having all kiddos home, needing "super mom".. that by the end of my days I would feel fried. I noticed I started to become very robotic in my prayers.. then went to praying only in the morning, at meal times and a quick good night prayer. I caught this, but didn't feel I had the energy to do much about it. I started to feel most days just mentally drained by all the on goings of my day. Why I allowed myself to buy into the nonsense of me being "to tired to pray or devote any more time to God" I have no idea.. but really I know that the best thing for me is to take more time for Him.. and he will give me the strength. And He has.. cause God is good all the time! As I take steps to get back into the life he has set for me, each step he strengthens.. and I learn that through my moments of "exhaustion" I was learning endurance. See even though I haven't been praying as much or studying as much as I used to, I never changed my faith and love for my God. I never once thought God wasn't there still by my side. He was always with me, is always with me.. I just kept myself so busy that I didnt take time to acknowledge him or simply talk to him. My faith endured, My love endured. My hope endured, and because I endured through and kept My Lord in my heart... He heard my cries and he has raised me up and carried me through. Currently He carries me through those "busy" days.. and each day I am getting back to where I need to be. The truth as we all know.. is that its soo easy to get caught up in our day to day.. that important people can get set aside. Great news about MY GOD, he wont take me off his Facebook "friends" list if I forget to tell him hi. lol. He just waits patiently. when I am faithful in my passion for Christ, I will receive the promised victory. 
When my faith includes works once again... I will be blessed.

Affliction.... this is life sometimes.. and no one likes it. This is where the hard stuff comes in... Affliction, when something causes us to "suffer". Can God be in affliction? In my life.. I have been through many trials, many hurts, many betrayals.. and I can say the hardest is when those things happen right in the home. Affliction can be brought on you even by those who love you.. wow that's the hard stuff. Can God be there? in the midst of that? If so why isnt he doing something to help his "faithful servant?". Well.. if indeed you are that faithful servant... then I can say yes! God is there.. and he is quite possibly using this moment in your life to strengthen you and grow you.. to prepare you for what he has in store for you. So that at the end of your suffering.. all can see that He truly is a God that keeps his promise, He truly is a God that does things "His way" for your benefit and His Glory. In the end we are stronger for it, more humble because of it, and victoriously living the life we were meant to. Sounds hard though right.. I mean who really wants to go through all kinds of hurt or struggle to get to the "good stuff"? Do you? DO I? ... 
My answer..... Yes.  Because its what a humble servant does. Yes because I trust my God, Yes because I want to be able to live out the life God has for me. Yes because I want to learn, and understand, and not fall behind do to my lake of endurance. Yes because I know my God hears my prayers and he will answer and give unto me those things of which he knows my heart desires. 
For me, I have come to understand that God is so totally preparing me for something big.. I already see it coming together right before my eyes. He is using me to show His glory and His works. There is affliction, but that affliction is building me a testimony.... one of which others who see and hear it will without a doubt know is the great works of God.. and it will give hope to those who are in a similar position in their lives.

Every member of my family has been transformed over the past year, every single one of them. None of which I had anything to do with. In all my years of being a mother.. being a wife.. a daughter.. "my works" never managed to change one inch of our "troubles". God comes in and in a matter of months nothing is as it were. The moment I let go and let God take over.. everything has fallen into a very specific place in time that only God can foresee and simultaneously direct. There is good stuff going on inside of us all and I see it daily. 

So I guess what I am tryin to relay to you, is this, even when it seems that your world is upside down.. or moving at the speed of light.. or just plain stuck in a groundhog day effect.. don't give up hope. Don't abandon your faith, don't set God aside to "rest". God is more than enough and he wants to strengthen your every step. Even in times of affliction, don't think God isnt there making sure things don't get too carried away.. or stray you so far that you don't see or hear him any more.. Keep being faithful. Keep praying .. keep an expectant heart! And rejoice.. cause the end result of your patience, obedience, and endurance.. is going to be such a sweet sweet victory that you will not be able to contain it. I believe this with my whole heart. And its why I write. I want to be living proof of Gods Glory. I am his faithful servant, I do endure through this life and its sometimes "not so great" situations.. because My precious God loves me.. and He will keep to his promise.. He will never leave me or forsake me.. He will grant me my victory.. my hearts desires.. He will make a way for me whenever there seems to be no way, He will grant me prosperity, and when he stands for me , no one will be able to stand against me. 

and I will say.. that just being loved by Him is already enough.

 I am taking steps to get back in line with Gods will for me.. as it is in heaven so shall it be on earth. 
I will write again soon. 

Thank you for reading.